Shrewsbury Steve OBrien Memorial Crappie Tournament May 11, 2019

RESULTS SHREWSBURY STEVE OBRIEN CRAPPIE TOURNAMENT!! I want to first thank EVERYONE for participating.. ALL our volunteers !! And mayor Darrin Cannif for coming out to show his support and our great counselors for their time ! Mary Clare Latimer , Anthony Ceccacci and Trevor Thompson could be there but sent a message wishing everyone a great day !! YOUTH 3rd place Deacon Parker 2nd Vienna Henry 1st Berkley Damehose …….ADULT 3RD Lucas Fancy TIED FOR FIRST at 941 mm length of 3 fish (UNBELIEVABLE) Aidan Lirette and Ken Kilmer !! Largest fish at 340mm Jorge Hostetter I also want to thank our sponsors . Shrewsbury Community Association, BELFOR , Wayne’s Pizza , David Obrien Realty , Ls Shrewsbury Bait shop , Maple City Marine , Rockets collectables, Hucks oil change . Pete Laurie BLENHEIM NEWS TRIBUNE ! THANKS EVERYONE ! HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR – Mark Lucio L’s Bait Shop