1st Annual Paddle for Hunger August 24th, 2019

September 2nd, 2019

The 1st Annual Paddle for hunger was an astounding success! Annette and Mark Lucio raised almost $4000.00 for the Salvation Army, Word of Life Church and their Cuba Mission trips with the help of the community paddlers and sponsors! They also had a truck load of non-perishables donated by the community to be given to the local food banks! The turnout was amazing and the enthusiasm was tangible! Great job to all the paddlers and volunteers! Looking forward to next year already!

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2nd Annual Diana’s Memorial Poker Run

September 2nd, 2019

Diana’s 2nd Annual Poker Run was even better than last year! So many participants and a great trail! Residents showed up in fancy decked out tractors, trailers, UTV’s, ATVs and anything on wheels! Thanks and a big shout out to Dan Naccarato for running another great event and donating proceeds to the SRA! Holly Vollans was the big winner with a straight hand. Valerie Geroux and Jeannie Couture won for best dressed with their poker hand poker run themed golf cart! Well done everyone!

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Shrewsbury 3rd Old Fashion BBQ Aug 3, 2019

August 8th, 2019

Once again the BBQ team killed it! We had a wonderful assortment of donated baked goods! Volunteers were amazing and so dedicated to this event! We are looking to pair up with other events next year to bring back the Old Fashion BBQ again! Ribs n Chicken were spot on and the Pulled Pork and Roast Chicken Sandwiches were a hit!

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  • 20190803_115720

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Shrewsbury Ribs n’ Blues July 27, 2019

July 30th, 2019

Another successful year of Ribs n’ Blues with the best turnout ever! Thank you to all the volunteers, musicians, and guests! The food was fabulous and we have heard nothing but positive feedback on this event! Everyone had a blast and Victor was amazing! Can’t wait to see what next year brings already! Keep it up Shrewsbury! Way to rock the Blues!!!

Congrats to Grace Szucs the 50/50 winner of a whopping $1100.00!!

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Photos courtesy of Jeannie Couture and Dave Healey! 

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Artwalk Raffle winners July 6th, 2018

July 11th, 2019

  • Debbie Brush donated – Canada Pillow won by Henry Reats
  • Debbir Brush donated – Heart with Waves won by Karen Spanwick
  • Anne Benedict donated – mug won by Cathy Shippers
  • Jodi Brown donated – Wind Charm won by Udo Fiebeck
  • Liz Carey donated – A Gift Bag won by Donna McGregor
  • Esther Dyck donated – sweet cravings tray won by Annie Ramsden
  • Pete Dzandzalas donated – Harley Coasters won by Renee Kominek
  • Beth Green donated – Toy Horse won by Debbie Brush
  • Penny Green donated – scarf won by Christine St. Pierre
  • Debbie Griffore donated – stained glass feather won by Maggie Buckwheat
  • Helen Heide donated – gift bag and headband won by Francis Stewart
  • Caroline Hewitt donated – candle won by Taylor Baker
  • MaryLin Howard donated – duck photo picture won by Debbie Brush
  • Dan Langver donated – coasters won by Karen Zuliniak
  • Chris Lettner donated – corkscrew won by Debbie Brush
  • Michelle Lettner donated – Leather Journal won by Joy Gagne
  • Bernadette Lobbestrael donated – pottery tray won by John Schipper
  • Dalton Loveday donated – Print won by Anthoney Ceccacci
  • Mary Ann McCoy donated – Table Runners won by Udo Fiebeck
  • Stacey Melko donated – pet bag won by Cheynne A
  • Mary Merrett donated – Diffuser Bracelet won by Brenda Reid
  • Trish Myers donated – mug won by Terri Ramsden
  • Dianne Myslik donated – necklace won by Sue Benning
  • Sherri Piens donated – succulent won by McKayla Scott
  • Siobhan Preston donated – dishes won by Taylor Baker
  • Luanne Ribble donated – coasters won by Liz LeClair
  • Julie Rivait donated – scrubbies and scarf won by Terri Ramsden
  • John Schippers donated – Honey and honey candy won by Donna McGreggor
  • Marilyn Simmonds donated – wreath won by Francis Stewart
  • Kim Smith donated – gift certificate won by Karen Spanwick
  • Randy and Janet Smith donated – cutting board won by Christina Reaume
  • Erin Sterling donated – necklace donated by Brenda Reid
  • Joanne Tan donated – coasters won by Karen Zuliniak
  • Denise Testa donated – bath bombs won by Renee Kominek
  • Michelle VanHyfte donated Bees Wax Wrap won by Donna McGregor
  • Pat VanWeert donated – scarf won by Cathy Schippers
  • Adelaide Vercoutern donated – goodie basket won by Henry Reats
  • Joyce Walters donated – cloth bag won by Cindy Reaume
  • Nancy Foster donated – necklace won by Laurie Maris
  • Jess Archibald donated – round sign won by Anthony Ceccacci

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Artwalk By the Bay and Old Fashion BBQ July 6, 2019

July 11th, 2019

Another amazing event in Shrewsbury and what a fantastic turnout for the SRA’s FIRST annual ArtWalk, 4th annual Townwide yardsale and second monthly Old Fashion BBQ! We were able to raise approximately $4000.00 that will go directly to the Community Hall. Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers, Debbie Brush and the entire community for such amazing participation! Every street was abuzz with yardsales and the vendors that came out were pleased with the turnout so we are sure to expand next year!



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Old Fashion BBQ June 1st, 2019

June 2nd, 2019


The first of 3 planned Old Fashion BBQ’s went off without a hitch! 3 days of prep and baking came to a delightful and yummy end with a great turnout! Thank you to all the BBQ volunteers, community baking donors and hungry attendees! We got some great feedback and are hoping to gain momentum and earn the opportunity to feed more people! Next BBQ will have sausages, hot dogs and pickles as well as combo dinners! Come to the next BBQ on July 6th during Artwalk By The Bay! Hope to see you all there! Pre-orders may be made at www.shrewsburyraglanassembly.ca main  page! Thanks again and see you next BBQ!!


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Shrewsbury Steve OBrien Memorial Crappie Tournament May 11, 2019

May 13th, 2019

RESULTS SHREWSBURY STEVE OBRIEN CRAPPIE TOURNAMENT!! I want to first thank EVERYONE for participating.. ALL our volunteers !! And mayor Darrin Cannif for coming out to show his support and our great counselors for their time ! Mary Clare Latimer , Anthony Ceccacci and Trevor Thompson could be there but sent a message wishing everyone a great day !! YOUTH 3rd place Deacon Parker 2nd Vienna Henry 1st Berkley Damehose …….ADULT 3RD Lucas Fancy TIED FOR FIRST at 941 mm length of 3 fish (UNBELIEVABLE) Aidan Lirette and Ken Kilmer !! Largest fish at 340mm Jorge Hostetter I also want to thank our sponsors . Shrewsbury Community Association, BELFOR , Wayne’s Pizza , David Obrien Realty , Ls Shrewsbury Bait shop , Maple City Marine , Rockets collectables, Hucks oil change . Pete Laurie BLENHEIM NEWS TRIBUNE ! THANKS EVERYONE ! HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR – Mark Lucio L’s Bait Shop

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7th Annual Maple Syrup Festival 2019

March 25th, 2019

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The 7th Annual Maple Syrup Festival 2019 took place on March 23rd at the Community Center! We were lucky enough to have great weather and a good turnout! The Mayor and a few councillors joined us and had some pancake toe flipping fun competition at the hall! Amanda Blain from Lower Thames Conservation came out to SinClair Bush to do some educational tours with the masses. Thank you to the vendors and the childrens activities were a great touch! A special shout out to Cami Moore for her balloons and face painting donations! Thank you as well to all the bakers and chefs! Shrewsbury, as always came through and together to make another memorable event!

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Ground Hog Day a Gatherin’

February 7th, 2019

Shrewsbury GroundHog Day a Gatherin’ was a complete success!

Feb 2, 2019 – What  successful GroundHog day when our beloved groundhog turned out to be a vixen chicken named Frank! Congrats to Ben Coll for choosing the winning name to be enmeshed in Shrewsbury history forever! Frank the chicken has predicted an early spring. Shrewsbury residents were more than thrilled to accept our new weather predictor and Dan Naccarato’s amazing event! What a turn out! Dan has graciously donated back to the SRA Community Hall the proceeds of the event! Thank you Dan for planning and organizing such an amazing and entertaining event!

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